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    Unleashing the Power of Solopreneurship: Embracing Independence and Divine Support

    I’ve been reading Praying Through It by William Murphy III & one of the prayer topic was RIDING SOLO. This got me to thinking because practically all my life I’ve been happy with chasing my dreams by myself. From flying to different states, driving to different cities alone. This prayer awakened me to the reality of me already being a Solopreneur. A solopreneur is defined as a person who sets up and runs a business on their own. On paper, I’m by myself in my business, however, realistically I’m not alone. God is my business partner, he knows what’s in my best interest and my businesses best interests. For a…

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    Trademarking Your Brand: A DIY Approach for Business Owners

    Good Day☕️ Surprisingly, you don’t need a lawyer to trademark your brand! Here’s how I trademarked my logo and my key experience. Begin by researching your desired brand name to avoid trademark conflicts – a crucial step to safeguard your brand. Don’t risk lawsuits or damage to your identity. Save time, energy, and money by starting right. Each brand has its unique story! Divine Inspiration: A Brand Name from Prayer However, my brand name came to me through prayer. I kneeled down and prayed in depth for quite a few nights for a brand name would come to me, and it did. Sometimes you just have to have God help…