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Unleashing the Power of Solopreneurship: Embracing Independence and Divine Support

I’ve been reading Praying Through It by William Murphy III & one of the prayer topic was RIDING SOLO. This got me to thinking because practically all my life I’ve been happy with chasing my dreams by myself. From flying to different states, driving to different cities alone. This prayer awakened me to the reality of me already being a Solopreneur.

A solopreneur is defined as a person who sets up and runs a business on their own.

On paper, I’m by myself in my business, however, realistically I’m not alone. God is my business partner, he knows what’s in my best interest and my businesses best interests. For a long time, I was scared to really pursue my business and market my brand. That fear left towards the middle of last year. I tell myself everyday, that when I kneel before God; I can stand up to anyone, circumstances, and or obstacles that may come my way. Every morning, I woke up and give god thanks. I speak life over my business endeavors and brands. I prepare for my day with only positive thoughts and words of affirmation to speak over my day. Because sometimes we fail to realize how much power our words actually carry. Stepping out of my comfort zone no longer scares me. It’s a must do!

Some of my prior posts, I’ve titled myself an entrepreneur.

The definition of an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

The difference between a entrepreneur and solopreneur is simple. Some entrepreneurs build their businesses and or brands with the hope that someday a much larger company, like Amazon or Google, will come along and offer to purchase, once they’ve grown their company. On the other hand, a Solopreneur doesn’t wait for a buyout, we are more attached to the business and aren’t in a hurry to hire someone to manage the business. Instead, we may outsource different tasks and services. But, we keep everything in-house as much as possible.

Here are some resources and tools that can help Solopreneurs:

  1. Project Management:
    • Trello: A flexible project management tool for organizing tasks and collaborating with clients or team members.
    • Asana: Helps you track projects, assign tasks, and streamline communication within your business.
  2. Accounting and Invoicing:
    • QuickBooks Self-Employed: Simplifies financial management, tracks expenses, generates invoices, and assists with tax preparation for solopreneurs.
    • FreshBooks: An intuitive accounting software that allows you to create professional-looking invoices, track time, and manage expenses.
  3. Productivity and Time Management:
    • Todoist: A popular task management tool that helps you stay organized, set priorities, and track progress on your projects.
    • RescueTime: Tracks your computer and mobile usage, providing insights into how you spend your time and helping you optimize productivity.
  4. Social Media Management:
    • Hootsuite: A comprehensive social media management platform that allows you to schedule posts, engage with your audience, and analyze performance across multiple platforms.
    • Buffer: Helps you schedule and publish posts on various social media channels, and provides analytics to track engagement.
  5. Website and Design:
    • WordPress: A versatile content management system for building and managing your website or blog.
    • Canva: A user-friendly graphic design tool with templates for creating visually appealing social media graphics, presentations, and more.
  6. Communication and Collaboration:
    • Slack: A popular team communication tool that enables real-time messaging, file sharing, and collaboration across different projects or clients.
    • Google Workspace (formerly G Suite): Provides email, cloud storage, document collaboration, and productivity tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.