Purpose + Passion

Purpose Is Everywhere

Purpose is defined by Oxford as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Purpose is in everything we do. Whether we are intentional or not. Often times we plan things and expect things to go as we plan, with minor to no hiccups. But, what if the change of your plan is for his greater plan? More times than we want to admit modifications/changes to our plans save our lives and or keep us out of danger (harms way)

We cannot see the future and know the outcome of our plan. The changes happened on purpose. For the purpose of saving you from you or teaching you a lesson that you may not have learned otherwise. That lesson is preparing you for your next season. Preparation is necessary for our purpose, our gifts, talents, goals, dreams and aspirations.

What I heard in my spirit as I wrote this is “My Destiny Walk”.