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    When God gives us an idea or vision and we are disobedient and/or prolong getting started to bring the vision to fruition. He will reassign that idea or vision to someone who will. He will not do it right way. For me, he gave me approximately 4 years, to write a book with the title he gave me. When he gave it to me I said I will do that later and postponed it. At that time I didn’t know where to get started or the words to write. I completely forgot about it until a well known pastor published her book with the name God gave me years ago…

  • Purpose + Passion

    Release Control

    God has ways that he reminds us that we are not in control of our lives nor are we in control of an outcome in relationships (romantic or platonic). Yes, we all have our own expectations and wants. However, that doesn’t mean that’s what we need or how things will happen. As I reflect on myself, I’ve come to realize that I have this little thing I do when things aren’t going as I wish. I push away, I distance myself from that person or situation. I build a wall of protection around myself. I shut down, because I haven’t learned how to fully deal with things not going my…

  • Purpose + Passion


    Pray and ask God “ How can I steward better the resources and/or opportunities you have provided? How can I be a better steward overall? The list varies and can go on depending on your walk with God, your stewardship journey and your faith walk.

  • Purpose + Passion

    Purpose Is Everywhere

    Purpose is defined by Oxford as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Purpose is in everything we do. Whether we are intentional or not. Often times we plan things and expect things to go as we plan, with minor to no hiccups. But, what if the change of your plan is for his greater plan? More times than we want to admit modifications/changes to our plans save our lives and or keep us out of danger (harms way) We cannot see the future and know the outcome of our plan. The changes happened on purpose. For the purpose of saving you from…

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    Empowerment Starts Within: Laying the Groundwork to Support Yourself and Others

    Our instinct to help and support our loved ones is an innate and admirable quality on the journey of life. We frequently find ourselves acting as caregivers, providers, and pillars of strength for our family and friends. It’s a delightful task that brings us closer to our loved ones. Yet, in the midst of our selfless devotion to those we care about, we frequently ignore a fundamental truth: in order to be the best support system for others, we must first be the best version of ourselves. Prioritizing our own well-being, progress, and self-empowerment is a critical step in becoming a more effective and impactful provider of assistance. I believe…

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    Unleashing the Power of Solopreneurship: Embracing Independence and Divine Support

    I’ve been reading Praying Through It by William Murphy III & one of the prayer topic was RIDING SOLO. This got me to thinking because practically all my life I’ve been happy with chasing my dreams by myself. From flying to different states, driving to different cities alone. This prayer awakened me to the reality of me already being a Solopreneur. A solopreneur is defined as a person who sets up and runs a business on their own. On paper, I’m by myself in my business, however, realistically I’m not alone. God is my business partner, he knows what’s in my best interest and my businesses best interests. For a…

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    Trademarking Your Brand: A DIY Approach for Business Owners

    Good Day☕️ Surprisingly, you don’t need a lawyer to trademark your brand! Here’s how I trademarked my logo and my key experience. Begin by researching your desired brand name to avoid trademark conflicts – a crucial step to safeguard your brand. Don’t risk lawsuits or damage to your identity. Save time, energy, and money by starting right. Each brand has its unique story! Divine Inspiration: A Brand Name from Prayer However, my brand name came to me through prayer. I kneeled down and prayed in depth for quite a few nights for a brand name would come to me, and it did. Sometimes you just have to have God help…