Purpose + Passion


When God gives us an idea or vision and we are disobedient and/or prolong getting started to bring the vision to fruition. He will reassign that idea or vision to someone who will. He will not do it right way. For me, he gave me approximately 4 years, to write a book with the title he gave me. When he gave it to me I said I will do that later and postponed it. At that time I didn’t know where to get started or the words to write. I completely forgot about it until a well known pastor published her book with the name God gave me years ago (Power Moves).

I now realize everything that was happening in my life then and now is a direct reflection of how power moves. I haven’t read her book. However, I know and understand how power moves.

When God gives you an idea or vision. It’s meant for you to seek him for counsel and guidance. A lot of times what he show us or tell us we don’t have the slightest idea on how to make it happen, the words or where to start. However, what he gives, he provides the clarity and steps to make it happen. As we are obedient to just start.

Your obedience is necessary for the vision.

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