Purpose + Passion

Release Control

God has ways that he reminds us that we are not in control of our lives nor are we in control of an outcome in relationships (romantic or platonic). Yes, we all have our own expectations and wants. However, that doesn’t mean that’s what we need or how things will happen.

As I reflect on myself, I’ve come to realize that I have this little thing I do when things aren’t going as I wish. I push away, I distance myself from that person or situation. I build a wall of protection around myself. I shut down, because I haven’t learned how to fully deal with things not going my way.

Over the years, I have worked hard and have become super independent and self reliant. Not because I’ve wanted to but because I’ve had to. Different life circumstances have pushed and molded me this way. The undoing and relearning the healthy way to handle not being in control of my life, future. Day to day I’ve been building a stronger and closer relationship with God. Opening up and allowing God to heal me. It’s not an overnight fix, this takes time and patience.

This is something else I’m working on; being patient with myself during my healing journey and giving myself grace daily.

God is in control every moment of every second.

Surrender and release come.