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Trademarking Your Brand: A DIY Approach for Business Owners

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Surprisingly, you don’t need a lawyer to trademark your brand! Here’s how I trademarked my logo and my key experience. Begin by researching your desired brand name to avoid trademark conflicts – a crucial step to safeguard your brand. Don’t risk lawsuits or damage to your identity. Save time, energy, and money by starting right. Each brand has its unique story!

Divine Inspiration: A Brand Name from Prayer

However, my brand name came to me through prayer. I kneeled down and prayed in depth for quite a few nights for a brand name would come to me, and it did. Sometimes you just have to have God help you get there. After a few nights of dreaming, praying, and brainstorming–two names stood out (of which I’m not going to disclose at the moment for personal reasons) . I wrote down the names and started googling.

Once I discovered that out of both names only one had no images found, the lovely LACHELLELUX brand came to life. There are some companies that charge various rates to search for you, which is not problem if you have the financial resources, but if you are just starting out. You may not have the financial resources and want to stay in your MB DIY Lane. Don’t be afraid to sit down, to think, and to try. Learning new things aren’t always easy but, they aren’t hard as well, unless we make them hard. Believe in yourself, believe in your brand, and believe in your brand name. Once your confident about your brand and no one else has your brand name trademarked, do a little Happy Dance & Lets Get To It!

Preparing for the Trademarking Journey

Here’s what you’ll need: Dedicate a few focused hours to grasp the trademarking process. Pay close attention to every detail in the application – precision is key! Understand your brand’s offerings and the appropriate class. If you have a wide range of products or services, begin with one class and expand swiftly for a smooth process. 

You have 3 trademarking options and they are:

(1) TEAS Plus, which the cost for each class is $225, it’s the least expensive but the strictest requirements & is subject to an additional processing fee. If applicant does not satisfy the relevant filing option requirements, the additional processing fee is $125 Whichever class you decide to file, please make sure you have the proof of use with your logo or brand name in which you want trademarked. For instance, if your a fashion brand. You will need clothing labels and or hangtags to send pictures as a specimen. Provide the additional proof required & respond to any requests before deadline provided.

(2) TEAS Reduced Fee (TEAS RF) each class is $275 . However, it’s not as strict as option one, minimum requirements & is subject to an additional processing fee if applicant does not satisfy the relevant filing option requirements of $125.

(3) TEAS Regular each class is $400 however no requirements nor additional processing fees.Trademark renewal is every 10 years, which costs $425 per class.

When I filed my trademark application for LACHELLELUX®️ my 3 yr old Toddlerpreneur was having the time of her life. In which, her favorite word was mommy. Which made it a little hard for me to focus and concentrate on the trademarking application. Of course I read everything twice to be cautious and choose two classes to trademark for my brand.

Lessons Learned: The Value of Intuition

Once I submitted an image of my logo and then thought wow, that was a pretty easy process. Not the case! Four months later, I received an email that proof of use was needed. I contacted my examining attorney to discuss what proof of use was needed for the classes I’d filed for trademark, what and how to submit. A few weeks went by because I was waiting on my custom buttons, for class 26 . Once I received them, I submitted pictures of them, my clothing labels, and an hat with my logo embroidered on the front.A few weeks went by, and I received another email. This time proof of use for Class 25 was accepted but, not Class 26. I contacted my examining attorney again and was then told I needed epaulettes with my brand. 

Completely shocked, I explained to her the reason I selected Class 26 was because I was under the assumption I needed that class for custom buttons, zippers & Embroidered hats, etc. She informed me of that not being the case. I didn’t have any custom epaulettes for my brand. I prayed, I researched, and came to my next move. The one thing that was on my mind was losing the money I’d invested in trademarking that class ($225). Keep in mind, trademarking is Non-Refundable. Once again, I contacted my examining attorney, for the last time via email and removed Class 26 to make sure that I didn’t miss my deadline and risk abandonment of my trademark. I lived and learned in 2018, took a few business losses and learned from my mistakes. This was worth it and necessary. I didn’t follow my intuition, which was to file for just the one class. 

However, I learned not only about trademarking U.S. & International trademarking , but also about protecting your intellectual property & patents .